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Crazy Rumors

Zodiac Lip Balm, Capricorn

Zodiac Lip Balm, Capricorn

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You want it all, and you want it now!  Fave past time activity: accomplishing that to do list, yep! Friends are drawn to your sarcastic and cheeky vibe! What's not to love? In your free time, you adore having fun and letting your hair down, while always thinking of that next move!

  • Capricorn, we think you're pretty grounded!
  • Capricorn ?? The Goat (12/22- 1/19)
  • Element ?? Earth
  • Flavor Profile: Sweet Vanilla, Fragrant Rose & Plum Blend

Crazy Rumors is in the process of transitioning these items from the single balm tube to the hanging box. Please note the packaging you receive may vary.

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