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Ear Candles (9" Paraffin)

Ear Candles (9" Paraffin)

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This item is bulk and does not contain packaging. They will arrive loose. Not to be shipped in high heat. Please be aware if you order between May-October they could arrive damaged. 

Will contain 2 single ear candles. Please do not let the photo confuse you. A 2 pack is good one for each ear. 

Ear Cone Candles are a safe and effective way to clear ear canals of wax build-up. Cone candles are used to clean ears and are believed to help with various ear disorders. These cone candles are sometimes referred to as ear candles and are believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. Candling is the process in which the candle is lit and used to create a gentle vacuum. This can dislodge wax or debris and pull it into the candle.

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